Pierre Isnard, Pieman, Pieman design, Dachshund, designer, motion graphics

Pierre Isnard aka Pieman is a Motion Graphics animator based in Geelong, Victoria.

With over 5 years professional motion graphics experience and a Honors degree in Multimedia and Digital Arts, Pierre is looking to provide companies both big and small with animations of their own at a great price and with a friendly smile.

Pierre is constantly working on improving all aspects of his design skills, and adapts to all types of studio environments.

Pierre’s skills-set includes animation, story-boarding, compositing, 3D design, 3D motion graphics, instructional design, corporate videos and much much more…

As of 2016, Pierre has created products for companies such as ANZ, Screentide Creative Content, OnePath, Waratah Fencing, Garnier, Kidspot, ICC Sydney, Navicle, Fillim.com, Network Video and Hornet Marketing.